Festival du Féminin @Bangkok 2019

A growing global-awakening sisterhood festival
Welcome to the 4th edition of Festival du Féminin® in Bangkok, an internationally registered event for women of every culture to experience awakening and empowerment in a safe and intimate environment. Festival du Feminin® is a journey of self-discovery that allows us to feel, access and reconnect with the multiple facets of ourselves, breaking away from the rigid expectations of peers, parents, colleagues, partners, and society at large. Women empower one another when they connect with their inner selves, with one another, and with the world.

Founded in Paris, this sisterhood movement has since developed in more than 10 countries (Canada, USA, Mexico, Columbia, India, Morocco, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand) while new projects are initiated in Indonesia, Japan, and Middle East.

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Friday 15 and Saturday 16 March 2019.

The vision of Festival du Feminin® is to bring together a large tribe of women, giving them opportunities to meet, share, transmit, honor and celebrate precious moments of their life and inner paths. It invites them to discover, or rediscover, the power, the sweetness, the safety of bonds and friendships connecting and feeling what they have in common, and to explore the lights and shadows inside them and to heal their lineage wounds.

An intimate exploration of the multi-facets of the feminine!
Through interactive workshops, get ready to celebrate a two-day event devoted to body-mind experiences, women’s personal growth, the healing arts and spirituality, hosted by an array of local and international facilitators who are midwives, energetic healers, artists, psychologists, scientists, coaches, therapists, business executives, writers, and more.

There are a range of inspirational experiences awaiting participants to nurture every aspect of their being. There are 20 workshops to choose from. Some are more dynamic in nature, brought to life with chants, raising us up through movement, a chance to release and let go. Yet others are a softer and more subtle femininity in motion. Other workshops are more reflective, where we delve into exploring our psyche, our emotions, our weak points, discomforts, and what we have trouble expressing. We will seek healing through rituals and forgiveness circles, family constellations, gong & Tibetan singing bowls, Primitive Expression AND MORE.

The panel discussion, another highlight of the festival.
Inspiring Thai women are sharing their thoughts, hopes, and challenges on how to empower today’s women to reach their fullest potential. This year topic is about the relationship with our body.

The Adventure of the Festival shares the story of the traveling necklace, followed by Improvisation Playtime to enjoy laughter, creativity, and joyous celebration before listening to Tibetan singing bowls.

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When: 15-16 March 2019
Where: Swissôtel Bangkok Rachada (MRT Hway Kwang)
Program: www.festivaldufeminin.com/en/bangkok2019   
Contact: Sylvie – Mobile: 085-0204-777

«Alone one goes quicker, together we go further.»

Rebeca Lacasa (Spain) is a researcher, channeller, artist and social worker, Moon Mother, Medicine Woman and trained to awaken memories of the Priestess. 

Womb Blessing @Chiang Mai 2018

Spiritual and psychic awakenings in her adolescence led her to begin to study and try to discover the best ways to channel these gifts. Soon she began to lead meditation, energy circles, women’s gatherings, tarot readings and channeling consultations with the support of her family. Rebeca grew up in a nomadic family with roots in the south of Spain, raised with deep tribe feeling, surrounded by strong and genuine women.  Rebeca´s acknowledgement of both the uniqueness and similarities of women attracted her to delve deeper into the historical traditions of women in different cultures and environments around the globe.

Red Tent Friday 15 March «The Mencarche»

The Red Tents are intimate sacred spaces for women gatherings. Where traditionally in ancient cultures different generations of a community celebrate rites of passage honouring women cycles and the connection with nature. Our modern societies have lost the tradition of rites of passages, however these ceremonies are extremely powerful and necessary. Not only for the one that is passing through but for the entire community. One of the first rite of passage that I love to share it is «The Menarche». Most of us didn’t to celebrate it when we had our first blood. We didn’t honour the transition from child to woman. It is important that women share their experiences and honour each other in safe spaces, to build together a strong collective image of who we are. Understanding our cycle and the different archetypes that lives inside us. We go through these archetypes every month and during our lifetime. Own our voices and value the different aspects of our selves it is essential to know who we are and recognise our selves through others. Celebrating the beautiful mosaic of the feminine essence nature.

Red Tent Saturday 16 March «Rebirth Ceremony»

A small, intimate and emotional ritual that involves our entire body to reconnect with that primal moment of our life, birth. That door in which the spirit enters this physical dimension. Through touch each participant plays a role in the ceremony that gives the opportunity to connect with the experience, being a journey of healing both personal and collective.