The Lines of Time, FIRST TIME

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It is an energy of our Mother Earth and its inhabitants, from the beginning of our planetary lives, until the Ascension of our Planet. It contains the essence of all the wisdom of Love of all our lives and of all the inhabitants of the planet of all time (past, present and future).

You lie relaxed with an intention and a feeling of openness.
Through the head a stream of energy begins to enter to create a sacred space with the help of your guides
That energy begins to cleanse and unlock different spaces-time, realities, where our energy exists.
We integrate different aspects of our being to live more in harmony and aligned with our essence.

Internet connection
Two hours available to receive the energy in a quiet place, without interruptions where you can, lying down.
The sessions usually takes an hour and a half, but you will need extra time to integrate and assimilate the session.

The first time we come in contact with this energy it is necessary to do it twice.
We make a first session and 15 or 20 days a second session to strengthen the energy.
The price includes the two sessions



In my path of offering sessions and the get trained in this wisdom and energy modality, I have clearly felt that “leap of reality”.
I began to perceive reality as different possibilities of lines of time-space realities. Every time I enter in to the “energy cabin”, that sacred energy space with a specific theme, it is like if the information of all those realities where my energy exists, gets integrated. Different fragments of me on that theme, are harmonised, which gives a leap of reality and consciousness, to the timeline reality that it is more close to the path of my ascension. To be more aligned with what I have come to do in this life.

After the session I usually feel a state of renewal and a felling of releasing weight. Like if those fragments, those realities, those lines of time cleared karma. It gives me a sense of unity and expansion, of love and wisdom.  In my day to day has been translated in changes in my self, my partner, my profession and my understanding of reality. I can observe how those intentions which I entered in the cabin with, on one way or another manifest in my physical reality.

Deeply grateful that this Lines of Time Wisdom and The Lords of Sound have entered in to my life.